Saturday, May 18, 2013

Planning a trip to Egypt

   Planning a trip to Egypt? If this is the case it will be of great use to read a guide to simple and basic Egypt travel before plans or travel arrangements. Why? Because, as any country, Egypt has its "must see" sites, requirements of visitors and some basic information that is always good to know.
For example, anyone making a visit to Egypt should consider taking the time to visit some of the following popular destinations:o The Pyramids of Giza

o The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

o Abu Simbel

o Luxor and Karnak temples

o The Valley of the Kings

o Alexandria

o The "Red Sea Riviera"

o The Western Desert and Oases

o historical areas of the Sinai Peninsula
   In addition, many visitors plan a Nile cruise of one sort or another and make a point to visit the largest markets in Cairo, including the famous Khan al-Khalili. Just read a fairly complete travel guide Egypt a visitor understand the entire area they intend to visit, and be able to plan the best and most enjoyable visit.Before planning a visit to the country, however, a good Egypt travel guide will make a tourist aware of the types of documents and even medical problems, they must also be aware of. For example, visas and passports are required for anyone who seeks to enter Egypt, and residents of certain nations have much less need for them to obtain a visa. In fact, there are many people who are able to simply complete their visa documents on the plane in which they travel to Egypt. A comprehensive travel guide Egypt itemize each nation and that its citizens will need to enter the country.There are also some cultural issues that a good travel guide Egypt to discuss, and that includes the appropriate dress for men and women as well as standards of behavior that will be needed for most visitors. In general, these topics are focused on modesty and respect for long-standing social traditions. For example, alcoholic beverages are not commonly used, and are in fact "taboo" for many practitioners of Islam.In addition, a good travel guide Egypt must address issues such as transportation, "baksheesh", which is the tip of the use of all service providers, and even security.Egypt is a fascinating country, varied and distinguished, and a high quality travel guide Egypt is an excellent tool for an enjoyable visit to this popular country.Egypt is one of the most modern in the Middle East countries, but also provides access to a wealth of history and human culture.

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