Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sharm El Sheikh mystery and magnificence

Hidden in the magic, mystery and magnificence, the Egyptian coastal city of Sharm el-Sheikh embodies much more than sunny beaches splashed with turquoise waters and lively nightlife. In fact, the city lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba is frequented by tourists wanting to soak under the Egyptian sun and plunge into the underwater world. But go a little further and you can enjoy the mystical bonds that connect the city to biblical events. The treasure of wonderful monuments and scintillating sights evoke the mystery and enchantment of the same events that took place thousands of years ago.
The Monastery of St. Catherine
Dating from the 4th century, the monastery of St. Catherine is one of the oldest Christian monasteries throughout the world. Protected by a strong monastery includes a chapel, a few monastic buildings and church of the Transfiguration. When you visit the site, you can catch a glimpse of a descendant of the historic burning bush that Moses saw and was seen there. The library is full of valuable manuscripts and standards that have been kept intact as there had never been ambushed. The monastery is named after the saint of the same name whose body was allegedly placed there by angels and his tomb is in this monastery.
Chapel of the Burning Bush
Remember lit bush Moses shone when he heard the voice of God? Forming the very spiritual heart of the monastery is the Chapel of the Burning Bush that embraces some remains of St. Catherine and includes the site of the iconic bush. The chapel was raised under the command of the mother of the Emperor Constantine, Empress Helena.
El-Arish, Sinai Heritage Museum
If you want a glimpse of what the nomads of the country, the lifestyle of the Bedouin was like the Sinai Heritage Museum is just the site you want to be. The museum is a beautiful book artifacts, crafts antiques, clothing and other accessories used by the Bedouins.
Seven former Israel Amphitheatre
The site of this magnificent amphitheater is somewhere between the foot and the top of Mount Sinai and is a real feast for the eyes.
Colored Canyon
Impeccable, inimitable and complex, they are descriptions of a series of rock formations in colorful canyon that extends for about 800 meters. Beautifully carved and colored candies, these meandering rock formations are a spectacle once again highlighting the immense capacity likely to instill the magic and aura of its creation. The site in the middle of the hot desert can be quite a hectic tour so take plenty of water along sipping intermittently.
Mangrove Forest
Take a day to explore the mysterious mangrove forests of Egypt in their ultimate beauty and goodness, located at a distance of about 35 km from Sharm-el-Sheikh, stretching Nabeq. Here the green opulence standing with their own charisma amid arid deserts and the backdrop of the Sinai. A large number of flora and fauna have developed in the mangroves because they are indeed an oasis against the Red sea, in the middle of a dry desert landscape. Astride the shores of the Red Sea, with the help of strong roots that go deep periscope in the swampy ground and some of them stretching their hands to get to the water body, the place is a must -a visit.
Other points of note include Serabit el Khadem for its archaeological wonders, the peninsula of Ras Mohammed, a beautiful national park, Pharaoh's Island, with its turquoise waters and entry to Dahab its magic coral.

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