Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The city that gave birth to countless legends, a trip to the city of Alexandria in Egypt is often a dream come true for most of us. Once the seat of a civilization that is now one of the most respected in the world civilizations, Alexandria is now the second largest city of Egypt. A former port, Alexandria is often considered the city connecting Egypt to the rest of the world. Once an important center of commerce, Alexandria is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
The very mention of Alexandria creates images of rich opulence in our minds. Although much of the former grandeur of the city has now reduced with the passage of time, but almost every part of this historic city has a treasure or to share with other people's land TOUR . The city was founded by Alexander the Great during one of his conquests in this part of Egypt was once a capital of not only Egypt but also the entire strip of land between Greece and Egypt. Today, much of this mixture of contrasting cultures have created a culture that is unique to this part of the world and one of the most striking aspects of the visit to Alexandria.
One of the most beautiful land in the world, the glory of Egypt as a place of tourist interest is as much of its wealth of natural beauty as it does from its rich history source. So if you are planning a trip to Alexandria, do not forget to spend an equal amount of time at beaches and other places of natural beauty that you have to its historical treasures. The coastline which boasts Alexandria works wonders for not just its providing important avenues for conducting commercial activities with the rest of the world, but also provide some of the most amazing beaches. The beaches, which are the Mediterranean Sea is almost always abuzz with activities and is the perfect opportunity for two, relaxing and imagining the city as it was in centuries past.
Known for its famous lighthouse, which was the first lighthouse to be built not upon the earth, the city of Alexandria has always prided itself as a pioneer in the civilizations of the world. Although the light house was unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake a few years ago, where it once stood is still a major tourist attraction attracting many tourists and students of history at the location each day today.
However, today the tourist land can discover another facet of this incredible country. With the age of technology ushering in the city of Alexandria as the rest of the world, the ancient capital city of Egypt is now known as much for its commercial complex as it is known for its historical sites. Today, Alexandria is also the place where the modern tourist can try some of the popular sports activities related to the sea Put your scuba gear you dive to the bottom of the Mediterranean looking for gems and species of sea fish !
The city is also a renowned center for the activities of well-being and there are a number of spas that offer special treatments for both for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Thus, medical tourism is an industry that is constantly gaining popularity in the city of Alexandria and drawing countless patients of different diseases across the globe.
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