Saturday, May 25, 2013


 Alexandria (Al-Iskendariyya, or just Alex) is a cosmopolitan port city on the Mediterranean Sea, named after Alexander the Great. Alexandria was once the center of learning in ancient and even during the reign of Cleopatra world, competing with major cities of Athens and Rome. However, a long period of decline followed and Alexandria became nothing more than a fishing village with a glorious past. In the fortunes of the 19th century has changed once again and Alexandria grew in stature

  as an important port and commercial center. It has attracted many Greeks, Italians, Lebanese and other nationalities of its banks. The cosmopolitan influence remains to this day. Until 1940, in fact, over 40% of the population of Alexandria had non-Egyptian roots.

Today, Alexandria is a bustling city of more than 4 million (mainly Egyptian) residents. Alexandria has always been a popular holiday destination for local Egyptians seeking to escape the summer heat and enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean. Foreign tourists are discovering how easy it is to visit Alexandria, even for a day or two.

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