Saturday, June 1, 2013

Medical Tourism in Egypt

Appeared the importance of medical tourism in Egypt in many sites throughout Egypt, as Helwan, Fayoum and South Sinai Safaga because of its places of this mineral water, sand and 

dune Able to treat and cure many incurable diseases in our world today, such as rheumatic diseases and skin. We became aware of the international medical and therapeutic importance of these places has arisen on the care and attention Which became one of the most beautiful places of healing in the world.
Thus, Egypt was unique location on the map of medical tourism has become an important destination for those who wish to hospital around the world where tourists come forward to enjoy the healthy climate and natural medical treatment
Doctors under the auspices of specialists in all branches and modern hospitals, which are available last wali equipment and supported by global exercise specialists and physical therapy at the highest level of service.
In addition to offering a variety of tour programs to visit a unique tourist attractions in Egypt.

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