Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh was once a small fishing village, but has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. The complex stretches over 20 miles along the coast of the Red Sea and has a national marine park at each end. The resort has a space for everyone, from Naama Bay bustling old town that offers authentic souks and bazaars. The resort offers mainly all-inclusive accommodation, but if you are looking for budget accommodation, this can be found in the region and Hadaba Shark Bay. Hotels in Sharm offer a range of facilities, including centers, gyms and health and fitness spas.
Sharm el Sheikh has over 20 miles of golden beaches, all lapped by the warm crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Whether you are looking for a quiet secluded beach, a beach bar, animated or water sports, there is a beach for every taste here.Naama Bay is the largest and busiest beach in Sharm el Sheikh. This stretch of coastline is cut in public areas and private areas that are owned by the hotels on the beach Visitors are allowed to use all fields, but hotels can charge non-customers to use their chairs. Behind the beach is lined with hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs walk. This stretch of beach is very crowded in high season with visitors looking for water sports including water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing, paragliding, sailing, kayaking and banana boating.The long beaches of golden sand Nosrani Bay are perfect for those looking for a quieter and less crowded beach. This is one of the least developed beaches in the area with fewer hotels and beach bars. Due to the strong winds here, the beach is very popular with windsurfers and kite surfers.One of the main attractions of Sharm is scuba diving. Some of the best dive sites in the world are here, including the Ras Mohammed Marine Park, Reef Sharks, Yolanda Reef and Tiran Island. For some of the best snorkeling in Sharm you must go to the beach in Ras um Sid Hadaba area south. This quiet beach has its own jetty which extends the amazing coral reef. Tuba here allows you to see the spectacular marine life turtles, whale sharks and manta rays. From here you can take a trip scuba diving marine park of Ras Mohamed.For those who do not want to get wet, there are boat rides, glass bottom that are ideal for all ages. This is a great way to discover the beautiful landscapes beneath the surface of the Red Sea, in the spectacular coral gardens to the masses of colorful fish darting through the coral.Away from the beach, there are so many things to do, including trips to Cairo and Luxor to see ancient Egypt famous attractions, a visit to Mount Sinai, excursions to St. Catherine's Monastery, Bedouin parties under the stars desert jeep safaris, quad biking, camel rides, horseback riding and more.The Sharm el Sheikh area has two distinct seasons, summer and winter. Winter is from October to April and is hot as a summer in the UK with temperatures between 21C and 30C and up to 10 hours of sunlight per day. The summer season is between May and September and becomes very hot with temperatures between 32C and 35C, often reaching 40 ° C and above. The sea is at its warmest in July and August.For diving the best time to visit is between May and September when there are more fish around and the underwater visibility is at its best. This is the hottest time of the year with temperatures often exceeding 40 ° C.For a beach holiday, nightlife and active holiday in October to April is the best time to visit with temperatures at a comfortable 20C to 30C and many hours of sunshine. Sharm is very busy at Christmas, New Year and Easter, and during April and November are considered peak season.If you are visiting in March or April, you should be aware that the station can be very windy at this time of the year.Emma Healey is the co-founder and owner of, specialists in bargain holidays and holiday packages to worldwide. Thank you for taking the time to read my article and do not forget to look out for more of my articles as im writing many travel blogs and have some great topics to come.

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