Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Egypts best kept secret – the Blue Lagoon

 The Blue Lagoon was kept secret for quite a few years now. Because plain water Surprisingly, the great constant winds and unique experiences of many dahabians wanted to keep to themselves. 
This also means that there is virtually no other visitors. Toby and Fi Dahab holiday Hike Dahab and John went to check with a few friends - and it was fantastic.The Blue Lagoon is a couple of hours north of Dahab, accessible by camel, on foot, by boat or truck. Once you get there, you're welcome, but the simplicity and beauty of a place where tourism has not reached.  
There are a handful of bamboo huts at the top of the lagoon, and a little at the end of the sand spit that all mattress style cushion to allow you to sleep.  

There is a small restaurant and a toilet, and that's it - making it one of the last remaining unspoiled places.  
A natural paradise, and how Egypt used to be before the big hotels. The conditions are incomparable with winds stronger than normal in Dahab, and incredible flat water, it is the ideal place for windsurfers and kitesurfers. During our 2 night stay, there were only 7 of us on the water the whole time we were there, and windsurfers and kitesurfers used two different parts of the lagoon, there were so many space for a cruise around or bust some big moves.We had winds up to 30 knots so small kit was essential. Best bring your own kit with you, but it is possible to rent kite equipment (we can arrange this for you). 

During your stay, all the food is provided by the Bedouins and he was one of the tastiest food we ate. They serve chicken and fish caught locally. We had pasta for lunch. The breakfast was a omelete and Bedouin bread, jam, cheese and salad.There is no electricity to the lagoon so after the generator is turned off (about 22 hours), you get to experience the night sky in the most amazing. We visited just after the new moon and the stars were amazing!If you want to discover the Blue Lagoon for yourself, we recommend that you combine your stay in Dahab and spend 1-2 nights.

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