Monday, June 3, 2013

Three Recommended Hospitals in Alexandria, Egypt.

Alexandria is the ancient city founded by Alexander the Great. It is currently the second largest city in Europe and a major center of the international shipping industry and a leading shopping center. The city is located in north-central Egypt is the most famous tourist center in the country. In general, the health care systems in Alexandria are well developed with many good hospitals in the public and private sectors. Some of the major hospitals are truly world class and offer the services of an English-speaking staff. This is a description of some of the major hospitals in Alexandria.Alexandria University in Al-Azarita Hospital, Al-Midan Khartom, Alexandria is one of the largest health care centers in Egypt. Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University has provided modern and efficient medical services to people since1942. The center consists of a university hospital, a hospital specifically for obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric hospital and an orthopedic hospital. The first institute employs 109 eminent doctors. The main hospital has spacious rooms section patients with full-fledged Ministries in various specialties and about 1,100 patients visit the daily section. The hospital has departments of critical care medicine and diagnostic imaging. There are also well-equipped laboratories, internal medicine and nuclear medicine section. The hospital is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality in all its businesses and formed a special quality assurance unit in 2004.
The German hospital is a favorite among visitors to Alexandria. The hospital is located at 56 Abd El Salam Aref Street, Saba Basha, Alexandria. The staff includes doctors visits, and that the hospital provides an efficient medical service to both general and specialized areas at a reasonable cost. The hospital was founded by the German community in Egypt. The department of surgery units in various specialties such as urology, plastic surgery and pediatric surgery. The intensive care unit, the surgical intensive care unit, the hospital pharmacy and the various laboratories of the German hospital are equipped with devices and sophisticated facilities. The center has a remarkable unity of diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine services, both of which perform a large number of imaging procedures.

Central Abo Qeer located in Al-Bahr Al-Mayiet Street, Abo Qeer Hospital, Alexandria is another popular hospital in Alexandria. This multidisciplinary private hospital is managed by a well-known business group in the country. The air rescue world famous works with the center to organize various emergency services such as an air ambulance. The network of air ambulances are provided with new support systems cardiac life support. The hospital also offers the services of experts in trauma, doctors and support staff certified in emergency care and the physiology of flight.
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