Friday, June 7, 2013

Travel to Historic Egypt

Egypt is a popular destination for backpackers and leisure travelers as well, with its beautiful coastline, ancient civilization, lively cities and beautiful Sahara. You could spend weeks or months on tour around its many strengths and it is really something for everyone, from the beaches to sprawl on the diving opportunities galore, hiking in Sinai and exploration of splendid temples and pyramids of the world most impressive ancient civilizations.

The south is the most visited in the months of winter and summer, it is unbearably hot and almost impossible to travel comfortably in. This includes Aswan Luxor, where so many ancient Egyptian tourist sites to find.

The summer months are the most favorable time for visitors to beaches Mediterranean coast, although the housing at this time is at a premium.
Cairo is the most visited in the months of spring and autumn, so that Egypt is truly a destination for throughout the year.

For the Backpacker, the best time to visit is spring or autumn as it will travel
at most sites and regions.

Health-wise - the health service in Egypt is reasonably good, even if all the conditions needed
serious medical care will be seen in one of the largest hospitals in Cairo. There is really only two precautions for all diseases in the country and is malaria and

Malaria exists only in the Al-Fayoum region and the rest of the country is not at risk. Dengue has been reported during the last decade and therefore precautions for this
disease will also be necessary.

Everyday common sense is needed here as in other African countries with schistosomiasis in rivers and scorching heat and sun. Basically, you just need to refrain from swimming
in rivers and do not forget to cover with sunscreen and stay hydrated. Have
rehydration tablets would be a good idea.

Visas and docs - All Western citizens will need a visa to enter Egypt, they can be acquired or upon arrival at a port or airport or consulate or embassy. Proof of yellow fever
vaccination is required if traveling from an infected area (like most
Sub-Saharan Africa).

It is very easy to get a visa to visit the surrounding country and tourism is an important part of the economy of Egypt, there will be no problems that you encounter in other African countries.

Cost - Egypt is a relatively expensive place not to travel, budget travelers should be able to get a
daily limit of about $ 20 per day, which should cover your food, local transportation and accommodation. Remember, it does not hurt to make you happy with this top restaurant or
night in this charming hotel has seen you, from time to time.

The trip is definitely a good value and visits oases of the Sahara or the top of Mount Sinai is also reasonable. Dive shops on the coast of the Red Sea are numerous and the competition is fierce, prices remain low.

Sights - The Pyramids of Giza are an amazing sight and many people see before long. Yes, it is overrun with tourists here, but can you blame them? There are many more
temples and monuments scattered around the country and even in the north of Sudan (which should not be visited at present due to the civil war).

Abu Simbel is like an epicenter of ancient Egyptian treasures and monuments and even if you have read about the kidnappings and attacks in the region, it is not as bad as the Western media likes to go out, but it is best to check with local tourist office is in Cairo and Aswan.

The Red Sea has some great dive sites and as previously stated, they are easily
accessible and good value. The stations are nearby, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are
cosmopolitan place with visitors from around the world.

The bombings that took place in recent years are unfortunate, but people have the free will to overcome these destructive acts.

The oases of the Sahara desert is a great place to get away from the crowd of cities and Resorts. Siwa Oasis near the Libyan border is a popular trip, as Farafra near the White Desert. Both are relatively easy to achieve and offer trips to the sandy.

People often forget Islamic past of Egypt as well as the elders and with a little the best bazaars in the region, Cairo is particularly attractive. One of the liveliest World cities, Cairo has great museums and galleries, but the highlight has to be just walking the medieval streets alongside hawkers and children!

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