Thursday, June 13, 2013

Egypt 25th January Revolution Message To The Whole World

January 25, 2011, the whole of Egypt was taken by surprise, young and old, rich and poor, the civilian and the military and especially President Hosni Mubarak. Nobody could really believe that these events have brought together such a force. However, the demonstrations, which then became the revolution, was launched by the Egyptian youth after several years of protesting on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In previous years there were small demonstrations, but especially after the recent false parliamentary elections it was obvious that corruption has increased and the protest groups became larger, exploded on January 25 that the revolution throughout Egypt It was time to change things rather than hope.
So the only way the youth voice could be heard through social media - in the form of media that could not be controlled by anyone - least of all Hosni Mubarak. Of course,
Egyptians everywhere were demanding more freedom, the elimination of corruption in the heart of all government departments, the regime change in the country which included Mubarak to step down and removing the interior minister precisely because of the arrest and detention of politicians. We asked that the emergency law is canceled so that the police have the power to stop any person they choose for any reason they choose. The biggest change was called for changing the constitution so that it can be candidates themselves to become president other than the son of the former president. This demand was met after a few days of protests. Once the protestors realized that their demands could really be met and their voices were really heard there was no stopping them and the protests became more numerous and power. The young man asked a lot and got it. This year, the heavens were opened, and they got more than they could ever have dreamed possible.
Little did people all over Egypt know that the things they hoped were about to be realized. Little else knew that hope and despair, frustration and anger, purpose and destiny were all boiling in the pot together and January 25 pot would overflow and spill into the streets for the world to view.
This has created a new face of Egypt. A face, which shows expression rather than hides. A smiling face deep by the changes and what it will mean for our children and our children's children. A face with eyes that sparkle with hope and joy. A face that can look to see what changes are needed and can now talk about the changes to come up with a voice that speaks on behalf of those who have no voice. The old face of Egypt showed powerlessness, poverty and despair to many that their country would never change so they can enjoy the freedoms that many other countries have. The new face of Egypt was like a woman giving birth: painful, messy, long and tiring and sadly with much bloodshed. But the baby is born - the future Egypt has arrived. A new era begins.
So what has been achieved at the beginning of this new era? President Hosni Mubarak has changed all his cabinet ministers and the constitution was amended so that anyone can choose to stand for election. Justice has been served on the Minister of the Interior and all other corrupt ministers who are now the subject of legal proceedings. There were also many other political reforms, eg the Egyptian parliament will be elected in a free election with international control - without this protest Egypt would have stood under the dark clouds of control for maybe another 30 years and more. Changes in Egypt through the original youth protests have also secured democracy for the people across the broader Middle East: similar constitutional changes have occurred in China, Jordan and Yemen. Syria and Bahrain have also started to realize that show Egyptians across the country reached in 2 weeks.
With this event, Egypt will become, and it's already such a democratic society where the voices of the people determine what Egypt will become and again. The strength of the ancient civilization is wound up like a phoenix from the ashes. Egypt will take its proper position in the world today - will we not retained.
So we invite you today not only a country of ancient civilization with pharaohs, tombs and pyramids, but also a land of Egyptian youth, freedom and democracy where you can feel the heartbeat of people who set a new sound - the sound of freedom.

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