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Restaurants in Cairo, Egypt - Where to Dine and Drink

Satisfy the most edible desires, Cairo, Egypt offers an endless supply of restaurants. Cheap food is always easily accessible everywhere in the streets, restaurants and snack stalls are everywhere. The possibilities of top rated restaurants are usually, but not always located in hotels and boats on the Nile. Borders found between restaurants and cafes are not clearly defined in the Egyptian capital. In many places, it is rather satisfactory for just a drink or sheesha. Mid-range and high-end sites may require a minimum price. Cheaper and some more expensive items selling restaurants typically do not serve alcohol.Overall, the center of Cairo is decent to eat while on a budget, while a high level of living is in places such as Zamalek, Mohandeseen, and all other parts of the city considered more affluent than other.The majority of guides and nutrition experts agree that Cairo is not the best place to go to eat. The ingredients used to prepare foods are generally considered inferior, because even the "crème de la crème" of Cairo restaurants offer dishes that can create a question mark. That being said, there is always a range of restaurants in Cairo to consider eating.When visitors have a desire to explore the culinary delights of Cairo, they should seek the publication Cairo area, which produces a biannual update of 1000 restaurants in Cairo. This also includes places to check. The magazine sort by price, type of food, and the region. The magazine is set in the cafes of the chain (such as coriander and Beanos). Otlob. com is also known to provide food from a wide range of restaurants in Cairo. It is also a practical choice because it provides a collection of restaurants that are separated by type of food and the region. This English publication also discusses various menus.In addition, travelers find that most restaurants in Cairo (with the exception of high-quality institutions) deliver food or offer to take. 
Cairo Restaurant Suggestionsal-GahshWhen looking for the best chicken in Cairo, this inexpensive restaurant (whose name means "mule") is said to please. The location is ideal, as easy access to the most revered mosque in Cairo (Seidna Zeinab) and near Ibn Tulun is acquired. Many people like to add that term to visit throughout Islamic Cairo.

Kushari TahrirMany stores downtown are associated with this chain Kushari, which is very popular with visitors. The only type of food served is Kushari, which is known to be very satisfactory.Abu al-SidThis chic restaurant creates Zamalek Egyptian sophisticated dishes. It is suggested to make reservations in advance and do not forget to dress for dinner.

Soqaia, ZamalekHere people come to enjoy tasty Lebanese dishes with an assortment of more than 50 kinds of hookah tobacco. Decent drinks and an impressive positioning the location of the Nile are considered one of the best places to visit when looking for someone to enjoy the evening air in Cairo.Maison Thomas, ZamalekFor more tasty pizzas and delicious Italian food restaurant in Cairo, visit the restaurant, which also provides access to a deli that provides in-house pork, which is quite rare in Cairo.

Euro Deli, ZamalekTo enjoy the comfort of this international coffee come to take pleasure in a healthier sandwiches, salads and bagels the city has to offer.

La Bodega, ZamalekIn this upscale restaurant, you will find a satisfying menu, excellent service, and soft drinks, which are often difficult to locate in Cairo.

Egyptian and oriental dishesTo enjoy traditional Egyptian dishes, these types of meals are found almost everywhere. Stands and restaurants on the street is where traditional dishes, such as the fault (bean paste), taamiyya (falafel) and muzagga'a (spicy eggplant) is located. Tourists also meet kushari, which consists of macaroni, lentils, chickpeas, and the occasional addition of tomato sauce. Other typical dishes include fatayeer (Egyptian pancakes with various fillings) and shawarma (pieces of roasted meat often wrapped in bread) a native of Lebanon and Syria import.In less expensive restaurants in Cairo, one can only eat vegetables and sometimes beef hot dogs or corned beef. It is also common to find salads, eggs and fried potatoes on the menu. To experience the most hygienic restaurants, it is suggested to dine where most people visit, that standards vary from one place to another. Avoid empty points are highly recommended, as the food usually lacks freshness. Downtown is a good place to locate most of the best opportunities kushari.The selections of traditional Egyptian food are limited, as you come into contact with the middle and upper price ranges. Although the circumstances are better, eat traditional in Egypt is generally known in private households. Real Egyptian food restaurants sometimes enjoyed the well-known chain, such as Felfela (which has many different outlets) and Abou Sid (found in Zamalek, Maadi and Doqqi).Overall, tourists find that the Arab and Oriental restaurants offer different styles of cuisine. On the positive side, Cairo is lucky to have a decent handful of Lebanese outfits that offers quality eats. This includes channels such as Dar al-Qamar, who join a multitude of restaurants. In addition, food and Turkish restaurants are present, as they usually welcomes guest Gulf.

Western and Asian dishesThere was also an increase in the Western fast food restaurants in Cairo. These institutions are often regarded as some of the best meeting places for young Cairene looking for a place to relax. It seems that these restaurants are the "coolest" places to hang out with friends. Throughout the city, McDonalds, Hardees, Pizza Hut and KFC are very popular. A beautiful TGI Friday's is located on the banks of the Nile, which is also the entrance to Maadi, offering beer, but no wine to their customers.Burgers in Cairo are at Fudd Rocker (Maadi and Mohandesseen), and the Lucile in Maadi. With a trendy interior, the Mint Mohandeseen is an Italian alcohol-free. The city also has bakeries and cafes western style where light meals are provided as sandwiches and salads. A trip to the popular channels and coriander Beanos The Mariott and bakery offer similar dishes. Wireless internet is also available on these sites.For an international dinner is on the elegant side, Cairo offers a selection to consider, including Italian markets, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, Continental cuisine can be found in areas such as Dokki, Zamalek and Mohandeseen.Food and cleanliness problemsSome health care is available for the trip to Cairo, because it is not recommended to drink tap water or eat unpeeled fresh fruits and vegetables. This is usually followed for at least the first two days of vacation. To enjoy vegetarian dishes, Eggplant in Zamalek is a favorable restaurant is known for its vegetarian food. Otherwise, you will find that Egyptian cuisine is filled with vegetable dishes, but keep in mind that some meals have hidden in meat broth and sauces. When available outside major hotels, eat sushi and ice cream with caution.Self-cateringMetro and Alfa Market in Zamalek chain practices are supermarkets. Otherwise, vegetables and fruits are abundant and cheap. Bakeries such as bakery chain sells bread and pastries western style. Organic foods are available at Sekem in Zamalek.As you experience the souks and other outdoor markets, you will learn how to attract excellent products through negotiation with the price. Fresh bread is abundant and found that two different types. Whole wheat ("aysh belly") and made with white flour ("aysh Shami") It is not uncommon to see hundreds and hundreds of small children bikes with this bread every corner of Cairo. Each district also spent the streets and other goods are available.Small bakeries ("furuns") provide all kinds of baked goods donuts breadsticks (Italian style). Fresh produce in bakeries offer travelers a break from the usual lunch of beans.

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