Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Egypt Is Still a Hot Family Destination

If you have not heard of the political crisis currently affecting Egypt, you must be living under a rock. The transition from dictatorship to democracy has been anything but smooth for the Egyptian people and worse for tourism. Holidays in Egypt were once a must for most vacationers with a visit to the ancient pyramids number one on the to do list. The political turmoil has slowed considerably the trade but as vacationers seek to avoid holiday hell. However, this lack of confidence is not well founded in 2012. Despite the military closed the pyramids back in 2011 and the massive cancellation of towers, pyramids are now very open and political demonstrations are rare and far between. Vacationers who have visited Egypt since the beginning of the unrest have not, for the most part, not been affected. Indeed, with the negatives in tourism, tour operators have pushed Egypt with huge discounts and fantastic deals to recoup their losses in 2011. This might be one of the best times to go while prices are low and tour operators are on their guard. With the unstable situation, security is even tighter and local guides have tried to ensure that their customers are protected. It goes without saying that local people depend heavily on tourism and it is in their interest to take care of yourself as much as possible.
So a family in Egypt is always a safe option, especially if you're heading south from Cairo. You can see the pyramids in one day and fly straight out of job posting in Cairo. One of the most fabulous places in Egypt must be Luxor, home to the Valley of the Kings. Here you can take your family on a hot air balloon ride over ancient ruins, ride in a carriage pulled by horses into the valley and see the mighty temple of Karnak. Heading west from Luxor to the Nile River, you can hop aboard a felucca and sail on the mighty river. Daily life is going to happen when you contemplate on the banks of the river and the felucca owners are generally very happy people Egyptians eager to please and show you their beautiful country. Looking to Hurghada and west, you will find the Red Sea complex family. This is all about diving, swimming and dolphins. From the sea, you can head inside a camel to explore the vast desert. The desert is home to lush oasis, world famous marine life and pristine coral banks. You can try diving and sand boarding or take a 4WD drive through the dry plains. In Dahab you can enjoy kayaking, hiking to the top of Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise and diving.
Your family holiday in Egypt does not need to be affected by political events anyway and the people of Egypt rely on your tourism to survive. The newly elected president, Mohammed Mursi, recently began the long process of building democracy and rebuilding the economy. Tourism plays an important role in this area and the travel industry is behind the movement to revive the holiday train in Egypt. There is optimism in the air and your family can play outside in the new future of Egypt.

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