Friday, July 5, 2013

The Exciting Egypt Tourism

Welcome to one of the ancient civilization of the world where tourism is the most important sector in the economy. If attention to statistics we wear, it does not go unnoticed that more than 12.9 million tourists visited Egypt in 2010, providing revenues of nearly $ 10 billion. In addition, tourism in Egypt employs about 12% of the total population of the country.
The present time is undoubtedly an exciting time tour in Egypt when a number of positive changes occur that provide tourists with more daring and new choices to help make the holiday enjoyable. It was also proved that perhaps the safest for tourism in Egypt since the early 20th century period is. In addition, the current exchange rates are very favorable at this point.
Tourists visit Egypt for probably a hundred reasons. The major bulk of the tourists come from a number of European countries mainly for beach holidays cheap. These tourists often come in large groups through charter companies. For most of them, it's just the least expensive to take a relaxing holiday at the beach in a beautiful resort in Sinai and along the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt means.
The main source of tourism in Egypt and certainly the most lucrative is the classic "tourist", which is specially in Egypt to visit the pyramids and other monuments. Although beach lovers can also extent of their homes and go and classic tours, they usually follow a more defined route of Cairo along the Nile to Aswan.
Then there are different types of specialized circuits that are being oriented religious evidence. It focuses on the visit of a number of old churches and follows the route of the Holy Family or the biblical Exodus. These visits can drastically visit several churches and monasteries while making a stop at one or two major attractions of Egypt. Religious tours are not just limited to Christians and hordes of Muslims from Egypt to pay a visit to old mosques that are sacred to Islam.
One of the modern aspects of Egyptian tourism is luxury cruises along the longest river Nile. These cruises vary considerably, but typical Nile cruise is either three, four or seven nights. Shorter generally operate in Luxor and Aswan for longer cruises further north to Dendera, offering day trips on the ground in the most remote areas. These cruises take place aboard luxury liners Dahabeya or traditional almost all the accommodations of a hotel on earth. These also include performances of Nubia, cocktails, belly dancers as costume parties where guests don traditional apparels.
Egyptians are people who really enjoy sharing their enigmatic past with others and certainly not as good as time is now to visit this land of enchantment!

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